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Male Athlete of the Week
Tanner Schwartz
New York Mills School
New York Mills Basketball (B)

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Basketball (B)

Isaiah Bauck (Updated with Coach's Comments)

By Kyle Gylsen - New York Mills

The Male Athlete of the Week is Isaiah Bauck of the New York Mills boys' basketball team.
Bauck became the latest local athlete to reach 1,000 points in a career, when he scored 21 points in the Eagles' 90-60 victory at Menahga on Thursday, January 20.
"Isaiah played an extremely solid all around game versus Menahga, going 8-of-12 from the floor, 1-for-1 from three-point land, 4-of-5 on his free throws, plus he had eight rebounds and three assists," stated Eagles coach Bryan Dunrud.
For the season, Bauck is currently averaging 18 points 8 rebounds and  3 assists per contest, while shooting a high percentage from the floor.
"Isaiah is and has been a solid performer for the Eagles for the last four years and he continues to improve on his game from game to game and week to week," Dunrud added.  "Isaiah is an extremely knowledgeable basketball player who always puts the team first and knows what it takes to be successful and win.
"He has been around the game since he was born, both watching games and participating in games year round, as well as officiating games with his father and it is very evident in how mature he is with his decision making on the basketball court.
"Isaiah works hard, asks intelligent questions and puts in the extra time necessary to be a solid player.  He plays basketball year round and is a gym rat.  Isaiah is always one of the first players in the gym at all times and one of the last players to leave the gym during the season and outside of the season you will always see him with a basketball in his hand working on his game.
"Isaiah is also a very coachable player that brings a great attitude and work ethic to both practice and games.  Mentally, he knows the game as well as anyone that I have ever coached and that translates into his performance on the court."
Once again this season, we hope to learn more about our AOTWs and share that information with you.  We asked Isaiah a few questions about his likes/dislikes, etc.  Here is how he answered our most recent questionaire:
Nickname: IB
Mom: Sarah Bauck
Dad: Duane Bauck
Favorite Sport: Basketball/Bowling
Favorite Athlete: Kobe Bryant
Best Personal Sports Moment: Beating Menahga last year at NYM
Favorite Actor: Gerald Butler
Favorite Movie: Inception
Favorite TV Show: Prison Break
Favorite Musical Artist (this week): Gorilla Zoe
Favorite Musical Artist (all time): Eminem
Favorite Song (this week): "I Got It" (Gorilla Zoe)
Favortie Subject in school: Weight training
Favorite Food: Gummies
Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Bowling, hanging with the boys
If you were stranded on an island, five (5) people and/or things you want to have with you: A boat, GPS, Food, Water, and a satellite phone
One thing that few people know about you: That I have bowled a 661 series.
Congratulations to Isaiah Bauck of New York Mills, the Male Athlete of the Week.

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