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Male Athlete of the Week
Tanner Schwartz
Menahga School
Menahga Basketball (B)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011
Basketball (B)

Tom Gruchow

By Kyle Gylsen - Menahga

The Male Athlete of the Week is Tom Gruchow of the Menahga boys' basketball team.
Gruchow has become the the fourth boy in Menahga history to achieve the 1,000 point milestone, joining Zach Mills, Brad Lusti and Derek Pihlaja.
He needed seven points going into the game with Park Rapids Area on Thursday, February 24.  Gruchow ended up with 13 on the night.  Point number 1,000 was made at the free throw line.
"I am very proud of Tom and his accomplishments and honored to be his coach," said Braves' head coach Jeremy Nordick.  "The first thing he did when he achieved 1,000 was thank his teammates.  This is just a prime example of the type of guy he is."
As of March 1, Gruchow leads Menahga in scoring, rebounding and steals.  Tom is averaging 15 points and 9.1 rebounds per game.  He also has a team-high 85 steals.
"Tom has been one of our leaders on the floor, in the school and in the community for the last few years," commented Nordick.  "He was playing for us as a freshman and has been working his tail end off everyday ever since.  One of the big reasons for Tom's success is his work ethic.  He prides himself on being the hardest worker out on the floor and giving his absolute best.  There have been times where you wonder how he can keep going, but he finds a way to fight through it.
"It seems like every game night, Tom is matched up against the other team's biggest or most physical player.  He isn't the biggest guy, but he always seems to manage to lead in most categories.  I've never seen a guy work so hard to get a rebound in my coaching career."
In an attempt to get to know our AOTWs a little better, we like to ask them a few questions about their likes/dislikes, etc. Here is how Tom answered our questionaire:
What does this achievement mean to you?: Itís a great feeling but couldnít have done it without my team.
Nickname: Tom
Family (Mother's and father's names, occupations; siblings' names and ages): Mom: Betsy and Tim Gruchow; Brothers: Brandon, Barry and Tim
Favorite Sport: Football
Favorite Team: Bulls
Favorite Athlete: Derrick Rose
Best Personal Sports Moment: Scoring my first touchdown in football
Favorite Actor or Actress: Mark Wahlberg
Favorite Movie: Friday Night Lights
Favorite TV Show: Entourage
Favorite Musical Artist (this week): Eminem
Favorite Musical Artist (all time): Nelly
Favorite Song (this week): Show Goes On
Favorite Song (all time): Ride With Me (Nelly)
Favorite Subject in school: Math
Least Favorite Subject: History
Favorite Food: Burgers and Fries
Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Swimming, kneeboarding, biking, snowmobiling, boating, and hanging with family and friends.
If you were stranded on an island, five (5) people and/or things you want to have with you: A boat, food, water, Markus Tolkkinen and Megan Melander
One thing that very few people know about you: I hate when people burp.
Congratulations to Tom Gruchow of Menahga, the Male Athlete of the Week.

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