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Female Athlete of the Week
Lydia Irons (NYM Volleyball)
Jordyn Glenz (Verndale Volleyball)
Heidi Olson (Sebeka Volleyball)
Sebeka School
Sebeka Volleyball

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Madison Lake (Sebeka Volleyball)

By Kyle Gylsen - Sebeka

The Female Athlete of the Week is Madison Lake of the Sebeka volleyball team.

Madison is in her third year setting for the "Lady Trojans" and has already gone over 2,000 assists in her career and is closing in on 2,300. She also has close to 800 digs in her career.

"This year Madison had to step into an even bigger role, as we needed a middle blocker," explained Sebeka head coach Becca Pulju.  "She is an excellent blocker and has done a great job in her role.  It is difficult enough to block middle, yet we ask her to set as well. 

"She is a hard worker, coming in every day Monday-Friday all summer at 7:00 a.m. to do Insanity. She is constantly active and leads by example.  She never takes a break and her teammates respect her for her dedication.  Madison helps younger athletes as well, and they really look up to her."

"She is also a good kid and never hesitates to help out when I ask or step up and volunteer. She even gave up her Halloween to help at my kids' party!"

Pulju compares the setter in volleyball to the catcher in baseball in that they truly call the game.

"Madi has excellent court sense and knowledge that she truly manages our games for us," Pulju said. "We trust she will get the ball to our hitters and also be offensive when she can.  We actually have to get on her for this - sometimes she needs to attack the ball more."

Pulju had one more thought about her standout setter.

"The best thing about Madison is that she is only a junior, so I get to have her back."

Congratulations to Madison Lake, the Female Athlete of the Week. 

Athlete of the Week Questionnaire:

Nickname: Madi

Family:  Parents- Jeff, Vicki; Sisters-Maya, Maci; Brother-Max

Favorite Sport: Volleyball, Basketball and Softball

Favorite Team: Golden State Warriors

Favorite Athlete: Joe Mauer

Best Personal Sports Moment: Getting my 2,000th set assist

Favorite Actor or Actress: Shailene Woodley

Favorite Movie: "The Longest Ride”

Favorite TV Show: “Chicago P.D.”

Favorite Musical Artist (this week): Adele

Favorite Musical Artist (all time): Maroon 5

Favorite Song (this week): “Hello”

Favorite Song (all time): “Photograph”

Favorite Subject in school: Chemistry

Least Favorite Subject: College Psychology

Favorite Food: Alfredo

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: Sports, Drawing, Reading

Plans after high school: To go to a four-year college

If you were stranded on an island, five (5) people and/or things you want to have with you: If I was stranded on an island I would want to have food, a boat, a friend, the internet, and water.

One thing that very few people know about you: Very few people know that I like to draw.

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